Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Drivers for Change in Email Management

A recent study concerning the drivers for change from an in-house email service delivery model to an outsource approach concluded that cost and the need to consolidate and upgrade existing email estates accounted for almost three quarters of the responses to the study:

The cost of email isn’t simply accounted for by the sending and receiving of emails, instead it is comprised of a complex email eco-system that typically contains an intertwined web of services for security, archiving, compliance, continuity services, and a plethora of access methods utilised by increasingly mobile workforces, operating in many time zones often outside of core IT hours and local office hours.

Typical Enterprise-scale organisations have multiple messaging systems due to mergers and acquisitions. This presents the opportunity to consolidate, centralise and standardise the messaging platform on to the latest software version to minimise support costs, take advantage of new features and functionality, and integrate with desktop client software refresh programmes.

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