Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Growth in Enterprise Email Volumes

A December 2007 New York Times blog post described E-mail as "a $650 Billion Drag on the Economy", and the New York Times reported in April 2008 that "E-mail has become the bane of some people’s professional lives" due to information overload.

Despite the widespread adoption of email by corporate enterprises over a decade ago, the growth of emails sent and received per person per day is still rising sharply. The graph below illustrates how daily email quantities are predicted to continue to grow by a further 30% in the next two 2 years. 

While end-users are feeling the Email growth pain, the impact to Enterprise IT Function is compounded by both volume AND complexity. Email is no longer just the sending and receiving of messages, instead Email today relies on a complex Eco-system of messaging and related services that address wide variety of Enterprise requirements to ensure compliance, policy enforcement, security, disaster recovery / business continuity, and long term data retention.

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